Ferrari Challenge

Chartwell have been supporting the Challenge series for many years, rebuilding Challenge cars during race events or between races.

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Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge

Chartwell have been supporting The Challenge series for many years, rebuilding Challenge cars trackside and for the larger incidents that occur on the track between races, ensuring the body structures are repaired back to the exacting standards expected by Ferrari. We do this using Licensed Ferrari Technicians and Ferrari Genuine Parts ordered directly form the factory. We understand the importance and passion of the Challenge series so every Challenge repair is completed in an accelerated time scale to ensure your Challenge car can hit the start line, fully prepared for the next race.

Over 1000 drivers have taken part, 100s of races have been run, while the overtaking, the thrills and the fun are incalculable. We are talking about the Ferrari Challenge, the most renowned single-marque championship, which has been bringing together dream cars and esteemed clients on the world’s most picturesque tracks since 1993. A competition for those who, not satisfied with just driving their Ferraris on the road, feel the urge to compete in top-level sprint races. Ferrari Challenge

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Proud Sponsors of the Ferrari Owners Club Spring Ball

We are excited to announce that Chartwell is once again stepping into the spotlight as proud sponsors of the prestigious Ferrari Owners Club Spring Ball.