Setting the Gold Standard Since 1966

When it comes to accident repair and enhancements Chartwell is in a class of its own. The world-leading body repair facility is renowned for its exacting standards in quality workmanship and exemplary customer care. The impressive facility specialises in Ferrari accident repair, upgrades and restoration work, challenge race cars and is factory approved directly by Ferrari.

We are a leader in innovation, making significant, continued investment in specialist tools, equipment and training throughout our history. The workshop is meticulously clean and is equipped with the latest repair technology, boasting the largest aluminium and carbon fibre repair clean room environment in the UK.

Who we are

Customer satisfaction at our centre

We are an award-winning centre of excellence, passionate about providing best in-class Ferrari repairs and customer care, ensuring we always deliver on our commitment to the gold standard in Customer satisfaction.

Chartwell are approved directly by Ferrari and have been delivering an uncompromised experience to Ferrari owners for over 20 years.

Choose wisely, choose Chartwell.

Our Values

Passion For Excellence

Ferrari’s racing spirit lives on in emotions that transcend the road and the track, ultimately becoming an authentic attitude towards life. Nothing excites us more than setting ambitious targets and expectations – and then exceeding them, to push every boundary. It is how the power of passion becomes the beauty of achievement.


Our ability to combine revolutionary technological solutions with exceptional artisanal craftsmanship
is what enables us to work on a Ferrari which requires real expertise in the unique details that makes it a universally recognised mechanical and technological masterpiece.

Our workshops are both workplaces for craftsmen and centres of engineering excellence. You can count on highly specialised technicians who participate in ongoing training programmes at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello.

Customer Centric Approach

We build positive relationships through outstanding service and craft exclusive, authentic, and memorable experiences for our clients in everything we do.

  • We care about others as people first
  • We treat people with dignity, politeness, and kindness
  • We drive quality whilst providing exceptional service
  • We look for speed in our systems and responses for customers
  • We drive efficiency standards and operate with a sense of urgency
  • We seek accuracy and expertise as these are standards of service that customers expect from us
  • We remain honest to maintain a customer’s trust
  • We are available and keep our customers central to our communication

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Chartwell provide a Lifetime Repair Guarantee to cover our workmanship to your vehicle. This will provide you with peace of mind that your car has been repaired to meticulous standards along with a guarantee that we intend to maintain these standards throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, by using our tailored service which is unique to Chartwell.


What our customers think of us


Proud Sponsors of the Ferrari Owners Club Spring Ball

We are excited to announce that Chartwell is once again stepping into the spotlight as proud sponsors of the prestigious Ferrari Owners Club Spring Ball. 

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